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In stark and clear-eyed grief for all who have suffered since the dawn of humanity.

Since the birth of our species, we human beings have caused each other pain of every kind, in every form imaginable, many forms we would prefer not to, nor even could, imagine (not to mention an incalculable ledger of catastrophic physical and likely emotional pain caused to many of our non-human fellow creatures). Those unfamiliar with the realities behind these assertions suffer a dearth in knowledge and might effect the start of a competent study of human history, while those unmoved by these assertions might effect the start of a competent lesson in human morality.

I am pioneering Philosopher VINCENT FRANK DE BENEDETTO, and my life is devoted to effecting the termination of this insidious, retrograde, pernicious, and completely unnecessary destructive pattern of mutual pain, "man's inhumanity to man," commonly expressed. I possess the desire, and the means, the unique, powerful, and singular tool required to achieve this objective.

It's a tool whose name you've heard a thousand times, and will hear a thousand more. Yet, a tool and its power that few properly know or understand, as grossly misunderstood as it is of colossal affirmative and actualizing power once understood, and utilized.

The power of this requisite tool is latent. It must be activated by you and me, through use. So I need your help. The world needs your help. You need your help.

. . . . . .

Are you ready, then, for free and immediate access to the most powerful tool available to humanity, to effectively redress, and thereafter prevent, every human problem, to permanently and comprehensively change the world?


For All Who Have Suffered Since The Dawn of Humanity